Flourish fees are usually offset for most families by Child Care Subsidy CCS payments (see below) paid to us directly on your behalf by Centrelink. The amount that is paid for CCS varies.


Complete the form on this page and we will arrange a quote for you. Alternatively, call us and we will quote you over the phone. Please note our quotes are an estimate only: based on the information you give us. CCS payments are approved and verified by Centrelink.

Government Child Care Support Payments (Child Care Subsidy CCS)

Child Care Subsidy payments for eligible families are paid by Centrelink directly to Flourish thereby reducing your out-of-pocket expense on child care fees. The amount of subsidy depends on your circumstances.


You must make a CCS claim via Centrelink immediately after enrolling your child at Flourish ELC. You can do this using your online Centrelink account.


All the information you need regarding CCS can be found using the link to Human Services below.



Additional Child Care Support Payments (ACCS)

Additional Child Care Support Payments (ACCS)


Your family may be eligible for additional Child Care Support Payments (ACCS) depending on your circumstances. ACCS for reasons pertaining to

-child wellbeing


-temporary financial hardship


are designed to target support to those families that are genuinely in need, and ensure that cost is not a barrier to commencing or continuing with child care.


All the information you need regarding ACCS can be found using the link to Human Services below.



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